Brief history of Ferromedi Clinic Ltd


In 1933, the first health care unit began functioning at Zestafoni Ferroalloy Plant. Later on, along with production development, additional health care units were established.

In 1978, Zestafoni Ferroalloys Plant constructed a separate hospital called Medsannatsili (presently Feromedi Ltd.) with in-patient surgery, cardiology, urology and orthopedic wards.

In 2004, Ferroalloys Plant administration included "Medsannatsili" in its capital assets and founded the Ferromedi Ltd. Consequently, the clinic joined the Ferroalloys Plant management and, since 2008, it has been under Georgian Manganese’s management.

In 2019, a state-of-the-art emergency unit with a modern monitoring system opened at the clinic. Nowadays, Ferromedi Ltd. provides services for Georgian Manganese employees and their family members, as well as local residents of Zestafoni area and surrounding towns.



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