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Zestafoni's Employees of February

Georgian Manganese has identified this month’s successful specialists in Zestafoni. Billboards with images of successful employees will be placed in the city center.


Status of the best brigade of the month was given to the workers of the ZFP railway transport workshop: locomotive repairmen and operators Aleko Bebiashvili, Kakhaber Peradze, Lasha Gachechiladze, and Alexander Chuladze. Georgian Manganese awards them with personalized badges and cash bonus for outstanding contributions to the manufacturing process.


“We always try to note the work of successful employees and name the successful team once a month. We are guided by four criteria, namely: fulfilling the production plan, producing quality products, discipline and safe work. This month, a brigade of 5 people was identified, they had a lot of railway cargo to send and to receive. Thanks to them, the work was done thoroughly. Congratulations and I wish you great success,” said Director of ZFP Vaso Gvelesiani.

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